Opening on May 25 in 2019. Hours Saturdays and Tuesdays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


About Us


Danny and Linda Prats

Danny and Linda returned from a life of engineering and exploring the country to the land where Danny grew up. The land was a dairy farm run by his parents until the 1970's. After the dairy farm closed, the pastures became Louisiana jungle for many years. In around 2004, Danny and his brothers built the gravel road and split the land between them. That was when Danny and Linda began the process of clearing, planting and building their dream house. In 2005, Ridemore Farm was started. There are now acres of blueberry, blackberry and seasonal vegetable plants on the farm, along with several pastures for horse boarding.


Katherine Prats

Katherine is Danny and Linda's daughter. She moved home in 2015 after a career in quality management / engineering. Currently, she manages the marketing and communications for the farm, including this website and email. She also participates during berry season in helping our customers. In addition to the farm, she is also a real estate agent, artist and chair of the New Orleans section of American Society of Quality.


Carol Dufrene

A long-time family friend, Carol joined the farm around 10 years ago, after moving to Baytown, TX, after Katrina. Having grown up on the South Shore, she has learned a lot about farming and has contributed to the farm's success. Carol is committed to customer satisfaction and will go out of her way to assist you!